Max size for attachments by provider (Outlook, Facebook, snapchat, Gmail and more)


Max attachments size limits list by provider

Alibaba: 10Mb
Aol Mail: 25Mb
Domino 9.0.1: 10Mb
Facebook: 25Mb
FastMail: 50mb
Gandi: 25Mb
Gmail: 25Mb (50Mb only for incoming mails)
Gmx: 50Mb
GoDaddy: 20Mb 25mb
Lycos Mail: 35Mb 50Mb 20Mb
MailGun: 25Mb (message including attachments)
Mailfence: 10Mb
Microsoft outlook: 20Mb
Mozilla Thunderbird: 20Mb
Office 365: default 25Mb customizable max: 150Mb
Outlook 2010: 20Mb
Outlook 2013: 20Mb 10Mb
Ovh: 20Mo (webmail) / 100Mb Desktop client
ProtonMail: 25Mb
SnapChat: video 31Mb / image 5Mb
Tutanota: 25mb
WhatsApps: 100Mb
Yahoo Mail: 25 Mb
Yandex Mail: 10Mb
Zoho Mail: 20Mb
Fastdomain: 35Mb
ICloud: 20Mb 35Mb 25Mb 20Mb


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